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Ucraft is located at 11 Pond Street, Just a few steps from Natick Common. Ucraft is an inspiring environment that encourages craft projects of all mediums.

Find Your Inner Artist & Just Dive In!

If you're not a self-proclaimed crafter or feel you lack creativity, don't hold yourself back! Ucraft is a non-judgemental, enthusiastically supportive studio. We've already made the mistakes for you! Now we can help you achieve your creative vision with fewer set backs.

Great for Kids & Adult Parties!

Little Kids...Little Projects. Big Kids...Bigger Projects. Adult Kids...Adult Encouraged Projects. Ucraft recommends participants to be at least six years of age (we don't want supplies to end up in little ones' mouths). Arts and crafts are enjoyed by people of all ages, and we are no different! Have a project you always wanted to do, but didn't know how? Here’s your chance! Just make an appointment and we’ll conquer it together!

Create Jewelry, Frames, Furniture and so much more!

One of Our Unique Projects

This belt Buckle is made from qenuine sea glass and a real starfish.

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Ucraft is the dream studio of Kathy Burg.
During her successful craft career, Kathy realized that it was not only her art which was being admired, but the technique of assemblage
which sparked much intrigue..

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 11 Pond Street • Natick, MA 01760       (508) 545-0359